Frequently Asked Questions


The H2OG is a new kind of waterpipe that improves the smoking experience. Made with Stainless steel and Glass simply add water to the glass tank, pack it with your favourite flower, light it up and enjoy! 

Smoke is filtered through the water which removes ash, and cools the smoke, for a more enjoyable smoking session. Once the H2OG is lit, it stays lit and the spring loaded adjustable bowl can hold .2, .5, or up to 1g! 

The H2OG is includes with filling and cleaning tools and the optional travel case is smell proof and shock proof so you can take the H2OG out on the go! 

The bowl capacity of the H2OG can be adjusted with the included multi-tool. To increase the bowl capacity from .5g to 1g: 

1. Push the button to open the top screen cap.

2. Insert the multi-tool into the screen and turn counter-clockwise to unscrew.

3. Remove the screen and store the screen and multi-tool safely. 

4. Push down the spring loaded button to increase the chamber size. 

5. To reduce bowl capacity to .5g reattach the screen with the multi-tool. 

Check the Quick Start guide for more information or write to us at if you have any questions. 

After smoking there may be build-up on the glass and inside the steel body of the H2OG. For the best smoking experience we recommend cleaning the H2OG regularly. 

We have found the best way to clean the H2OG is to use cleaners such as Purple or Orange or isopropyl alcohol. Salt may damage the glass and we were told by powerful hippies at shops in Vancouver that Purple is better. 

IMPORTANT: Resin cleaners and isopropyl alcohol are very flammable and toxic. Never use cleaners near an open flame. Stay safe! If your skin or eyes come into contact with the cleaners wash immediately and check you local poison control centers for help. Always store the cleaners safely away from children.

Sunakin does not sell any cleaners and is not responsible for any damage caused from misuse. We care about your health and happiness so please be responsible and stay safe!

1. Prepare cleaning tools (Bowl, cleaner, brush, gloves, protective eye glasses.)

2. Pull the glass from the base. Remove top screen from bowl with multi-tool. 

3. Unscrew the two metal pieces from the center pin. 

4. Twist to remove the center pin and spring from the base.

5. Place all in the bowl. Add resin cleaner. Let sit for 10+ minutes.

6. Clean each piece individually with a brush. 

8. Wash everything very thoroughly with water. Place in another bowl with clean water. Wash again thoroughly with clean water. 

9. Reassemble the H2OG.

Glass is fragile and will break if dropped or if too much pressure it used when attaching the glass to the base. Please be careful when storing or using the device. If the H2OG Glass breaks then please carefully dispose of all broken glass safely. 

H2OG Replacement glass is available on and at online retailers and shops. 

Protect your H2OG Waterpipe with the Travel Case available at Made of black silicone, the travel case if shockproof, waterproof and smell-proof. The H2OG Travel case is great for storing the H2OG or for taking it out on the go. 


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No. For health, safety and legal reasons the H2OG cannot be returned if is has been used. Unopened H2OG kits can only be returned if they are unopened and unused. 

If you would like more information about returns please contact 


If you are in Canada then the H2OG is shipped from Toronto. 

This location is not a service or retail center. 

If you are in the USA then the H2OG is shipped from Texas by USPS. 

This location is not a service or retail center. 

The tracking number of our order should be emailed to you when your order is shipped. 

If you do not receive a tracking number then please email and we will respond to you as soon as we can, most likely within 1 business day.