Double Strain Spotlight: God Bud & Ghost Train Haze

Double Strain Spotlight: God Bud & Ghost Train Haze

This week, we’re highlighting two favorite cannabis strains of Sunakin that highlight the differences between Indicas and Sativas.


God Bud: Indica at its Finest

God Bud, also known as Purple God Bud, is a 60% Indica dominant cannabis strain known for providing an extremely euphoric and relaxing high. Despite its extremely Indica leaning effects, God Bud is the child of a pure Sativa strain, “Hawaiian”, and the venerable Indica strain “Purple Skunk”, bred by Jordan of the Islands, one of Canada’s most popular and famous seed banks. Canada is the origin of God Bud and as such it’s an extremely popular strain there, found in dispensaries across the country and especially in Vancouver. Back in 2004, God Bud took home the High Times Indica cup “Best Indica” award amongst strong competition.

When grown by an expert grower, God Bud buds grow to be extremely fluffy and so covered in trichomes the strain’s buds can look white from a distance. God Bud is best grown outdoors, as yields outdoors can top more than 3 pounds per plant in tropical climates. A short and stout Indica, God Bud tends to mature and flower within about two months once planted.

God Bud starts off with a strong earthy taste and settles into a subtle but pleasant tropical fruit or citrusy flavor. God Bud is a true Indica with fantastic uses for insomnia, nausea, pain, and depression as it eases you to sleep or takes your mind off of stressors.

Ghost Train Haze: A Splendid Sativa

Ghost Train Haze is an absolutely legendary 75% Sativa dominant strain of cannabis, child of a cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck bred by Rare Dankness. Ghost Train Haze was featured in High Times as one of the strongest strains on Earth, and has received numerous awards since its birth, like the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup USA “Best Sativa” and the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup “2Nd Best Medical Sativa”.


Typically grown outdoors and in warm climates, Ghost Train Haze yields considerably well as a beautifully tall cannabis plant. Ghost Train Haze takes around 2 and a half to 3 months to flower and can even be grown indoors to good results. This strain grows dense buds completely covered in crystal white trichomes, unique for a Sativa.


Ghost Train Haze is one of the most potent strains available today with an extremely high THC content and a wide range of medical applications. Initially upon inhale you will feel a strong flowery aroma that melds into a slightly sour citrus. Cancer patients regularly enjoy Ghost Train Haze for its ability to stimulate appetite and relieve pain. When microdosed, Ghost Train Haze can give its users an almost Indica-like calming and relaxing effect. In normal doses, Ghost Train Haze is a fantastic example of a Sativa, providing mental acuity, energy, and clarity.

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