New Sunakin Products In-Stock and 15% Off Halloween Sale!

New Sunakin Products In-Stock and 15% Off Halloween Sale!

New Sunakin Products In-Stock and 15% Off Halloween Sale!


Hey SunFamily, we have big news and updates for! To celebrate our first Sunakin Halloween, we’re offering 15% off our entire product line with code “BOO420” until the end of October! Get your Sunakin favorites with a nice discount, and pick up some of the new treats we have in stock – no tricks here!

You’ve been asking for Sunakin glass and spare parts, and now they’re finally in stock!

Introducing the WAVERIG and BKR9 glass rigs, two of Sunakin’s newest products and our first offerings in glass!

The WAVERIG and BKR9 offer quintessential chill beach vibe aesthetics, classic glass rig performance and are made with utmost care and attention to detail. Each come with Quartz cyclone carb caps, Glass bowls, 14mm Quartz bangers and terp pearls for your choice of herb or dabs.

The BKR9 is Sunakin’s take on the classic beaker bong with hearty 9mm thick borosilicate glass and a wide percolator stem to satisfy even the deepest lung hits.

The WAVERIG is Sunakin’s take on a compact glass rig with a beautiful rainbow finish, wide disc percolator and plenty of airflow for satisfying and smooth hits.

Additionally, we will now be regularly carrying replacement glass bowls for the SWAP, H20G shock resistant silicone travel cases, H20G tool & replacement parts kits, and spare glass for your SWAP and H20G!

There’s even more exciting Sunakin products in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to share them with you when they’re ready! Keep your eyes peeled on our socials and sign up with our email newsletter to get all the latest on Sunakin.

Stay safe and have a happy 420 Halloween from all of us at Sunakin.

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