The Sunakin Family has launched our blog! What's in store for the future?

The Sunakin Family has launched our blog! What's in store for the future?

The Sunakin blog is now live! Keep an eye on this section for lots of great advice, tutorials, articles, photos and videos about the dynamic and fast-growing cannabis industry.

The Sunakin family spans from the origins of BC Bud (British Columbia), to the Sunshine State (Florida), to the world’s factory (Shenzhen) and welcomes everyone from all walks of life to join our family. We are here to listen, educate, advocate and share information about the wonderful world of Cannabis. We thought the best way we can present the most relevant, fresh, high quality content is to tap into our diverse and talented fan base. 

We aim to fulfill a simple and clear goal: Quality and Performance without compromise. 

How can you stay up to date with all things Sunakin? Well our awesome Instagram (almost 9k followers) account has been going strong, we are revamping our YouTube channel, we updated our websites and launched a business oriented LinkedIn page. Oh, did we mention we have a new subreddit as well? Join the subreddit /r/SUNAKIN to chat directly with the Sunakin team!


To stay in the know, please follow our social media accounts:

With the launch of the blog, we hope to share amazing content about from our incredibly knowledgable team as well as guest contributors. Stay tuned for frequent updates from the Sunakin family and be the first to know when we launch a new product! Lastly, our US e-commerce site should be back online in the next few weeks. We had payment gateway issues (damn cannabis industry banking!) but are ready to hit the ground running when we re-launch! 

-The Sun Family

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