This Week in Cannabis News – 9/1/2022

This Week in Cannabis News – 9/1/2022

California taking steps in the right direction to protect Cannabis usage rights for workers. Assembly bill 2188 passed through legislature and awaits the Governor’s signature, which if signed will make it illegal for employers to discriminate against workers using Cannabis when they’re off the clock.


Seven of the nine current Louisiana dispensaries will soon expand to more locations in the state as each medical Cannabis “pharmacy” reaches 3,500 registered patients per location. In the second quarter of 2022, Louisiana listed 35,000 patients, triple from the previous year, and had 5 times as many “prescriptions” across the state from the previous year.


A lawsuit seeking to block Missouri citizens from voting on Cannabis legalization must seek a resolution in court as its September 13th deadline looms only two weeks away. The fate of this suit decides on whether Missouri gets a say in legalizing Cannabis.


Oklahoma Cannabis legalization gathers enough signatures to qualify it for a statewide vote, but due to delays in signature counts may not be eligible to be put on the ballot for Oklahomans to vote on in the state’s November general election. In spite of this, the Oklahoma Supreme Court recognize the validity of the vote, marking progress towards the effort of legal Cannabis in OK.

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