10 Seconds For A Perfect Draw

Dry herb vaporizer crafted with titanium

Efficiency and Safety Redefined

iTi Heating Technology

Fast Heat, Instant Terps

Set your desired temperature and in just 10 seconds the eKWIK vibrates using physical haptic feedback notifying you that your bowl is ready for the first draw.

100% Titanium Bowl

Enjoy Pure Aromas

The KWIK iTi detachable bowl is made from food-grade titanium, allowing for a worry-free and healthier way to extract the fine details and terp profiles of your favorite herbs and deliver them directly to your tastebuds.

PEEK plastic casing

Pure titanium heating chamber

Titanium heating element

Thermal insulation aerogel

Precise Temperature Control

Dial-in Your Perfect Taste

Using the built-in LED display, the eKWIK can be adjusted in 5℃/9℉ increments from 180℃/365℉ to 220℃/428℉. From a toasty and terpy draw to a toasty dark roast, the eKWIK can adapt to fit your vaping needs.

Removable Chamber

Quick-Swap Bowl for Hassle-Free Performance

The eKWIK features a fully removable bowl, making cleaning a breeze. If you experience any trouble with your bowl, or just want a fresh one, simply replace it instead of buying an entirely new device, saving you time and money.

Spiral Ceramic Cooling Airflow

Precise Comfort for Your Lips

The detachable BPA-free silicone mouthpiece is designed to be the perfect fit for your lips and works in tandem with the internal ceramic cooling spiral for smooth vapor and comfortable draws.

User-Friendly Design

No Learning Curve

Once you're loaded the bowl, simply turn the eKWIK on with 3 rapid presses of the firing the button, and then hold the firing button until the device begins heating up. Once it vibrates, you're ready to enjoy your favorite herbs.

6 Diverse Colors Available

Portable and lightweight, eKWIK is your go-to for instant adventures, fitting right in your hand and pocket.

Sappire Blue

Midnight Black

Steel Gray

Lavender Purple

Moss Green

Seafoam Green