Sunpipe H2OG

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Upgrade your smoking experience with the H2OG! 

It's easy! Add water, pack the bowl, light and enjoy.
After the bowl is lit, it stays lit. The smoke collects in the tank to enjoy as you please.
Smoking through the water tank cools the smoke and removes ash.
The H2OG brings you a more enjoyable smoking experience.

It’s a great looking, eye-catching waterpipe that features: 

  • Made with quality Stainless Steel and Glass.
  • Replaceable Glass Water Tank
  • Adjustable .5g to 1g Bowl.
  • Bowl is Spring-loaded and easy to clean.
  • Push button to open top-cap.
  • Magnetic Cap protects the bowl.

Easy to Disassemble and Clean. Filling and Tools included in the kit.
Easy to carry in the shock-resistant travel case. (Available separately.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
William H Carroll
Awesome after the sale support

I recently purchased the pipe and was I ever impressed. It hits like a champ (45 years experience), very smooth, great flavor and very practical. The bowl size is very generous and allows you several good puffs. I had a small issue, no ones fault but mine and the company went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. Great customer service.

Doreen P.
The BEST mobile device since the iPhone!

Great for anyone who wants to take their waterpipe on the road. Very easy to use and it hits WAY better than expected considering it's so small. It comes with a little funnel to fill the bowl, a scooping and packing tool to scoop and pack, and it's super easy to clean with the little cleaning tools they put in the box, along with some extra seals and stuff. (P.S. I VERY HIGHLY recommend you also get the separate silicone carry case. Not only does it keep the glass safe should it get dropped, but it's also SMELL PROOF!)